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Book Printers for over half a century

With over 50 years experience, we are today one of the leading companies that feed the various demands of the Print Industry in Sri Lanka.
<a href=''><i>Budu Siritha</i></a>  by Samayawardhana Printers <a href=''><i>Mango Brothers</i></a>  by Sarah Jayne Kristiansen <a href=''><i>Yana Maga</a></i>  by Elmo Jayawardhana

Professional Services

The Good Little Ceylonese Girl - Books printed by Samaya Printers Book printing specialists is our middle name, and we do offer professional services in all areas of the Print Industry, including calendars & diaries, greeting & visiting cards, reports, catalogues, business cards and more.

Christine - a memoir, by Christine Spittel Wilson - Books printed by Samaya PrintersBrowse through our
Professional Services pages for a collection of our favourite print work.

Additionally, we are importers of the majority of printing paper.


In-house Machinery

In-house Machinery - Samaya Printers

Equipped with state-of-the-art in-house machinery, every one of our clients remains satisfied with a fully personalised, quality-assured and speedy service, since we manage and control 100% of our projects in-house. See In-house Machinery for more pictures of the backbone of our success!